Wednesday, February 3, 2010

כדי שיעשו -- Rabbi Meir, Rashi and "K'Dei She'ya'asu"


Last week, my Havruta and I spoke about this table:

R' Meir
B'Shogeg Yokhal
B'Mezid Lo Yokhal
R' Yehuda
B'Shogeg Yokhal B'Motzei Shabbat
B'Mezid Lo Yokhal Olamit
R' Yohanan HaSandler
B'Shogeg Yokhal B'Motzei Shabbat l'aherim
B'Shogeg Lo Yokhal lo
B'Mezid Lo Yokhal l'aherim
B'Mezid Lo Yokhal lo

So, this week, we began looking through רש"י -- Rashi -- on this ברייתה -- Breita.

According to רש"י -- Rashi -- רבי מיאר -- Rabbi Meir holds that, in a case of cooking on שבת בשוגג -- Shabbat B'Shogeg, even the person who did the cooking can eat it on that day (שבת -- Shabbat) and he doesn't have to wait until after שבת -- Shabbat and certainly doesn't have to wait כדי שיעשו -- K'Dei She'ya'asu -- the time it would take to do what was done on שבת -- Shabbat after שבת -- Shabbat.

Since the גמרא -- Gemara doesn't mention כדי שיעשו -- K'Dei She'ya'asu -- here, not in the actual גמרא -- Gemara -- or in the משנה -- Mishna.

So we found a note near the רש"י -- Rashi -- commentary on יאכל -- yokhal -- that referred to a gemara in (ערובין (דף מ -- eiruvin daf 40. In this גמרא -- Gemara -- there is a short segment that speaks about Gentiles who cut הדס -- Hadass -- Myrtle branches -- for some [Jewish] men (called, in the גמרא -- Gemara, בני גננא B'nei ganana) -- who used them to decorate canopy beds for grooms -- רבינא -- Ravina -- says that they can't use the branches because they aren't בני תורה -- B'nei Tora. -- רבא בר תחליפא Rava bar Tahlipha asks why specifically because they aren't -- B'nei Tora -- would it be any different, he asks, if they were -- B'nei Tora?

This is the spot where כדי שיעשו -- K'Dei She'ya'asu is mentioned. In this, and all other spots we could find in the גמרא -- Gemara -- that mention כדי שיעשו -- K'Dei She'ya'asu it always refers to work done by Gentiles for Jews on שבת -- Shabbat.

So if we go back to the רש"י -- Rashi from before, רבי מיאר -- Rabbi Meir doesn't hold that כדי שיעשו -- K'Dei She'ya'asu refers to מלאכה Melakha done by Gentiles on שבת -- Shabbat but to Melakha done by Jews on שבת -- Shabbat במיזיד -- B'Mezid.

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